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Woodworks Log Home Restoration Case Study

From Wasted Clicks To Booked Out Seasons

How Focused Marketing In A Niche Industry Led To An 87% Increase In Leads

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Lacking A Plan Means Losing Business

Lead Generation For Log Homes

Our client has run a log home restoration business for 6 years. In that time he’s grown to become a key player in the local market.

In a niche industry like log homes, marketing must reach a small target audience. The effectiveness of reaching this audience is critical to the success of the business.

Woodworks invested in their marketing but didn’t know how to focus it within their niche market, so much of it was wasted on clicks and visibility from people who weren’t interested.

The website functioned properly and communicated clearly, but wasn’t built to succeed for SEO. 

The result was missed opportunities to reach potential customers as they’re finding their next log home contractor.

Going At It Alone

A Focused Approach For Business Goals

Focusing The Approach

The first step of rebuilding Woodworks marketing strategy was focusing their visibility to the people in their market.

That means buying fewer, higher-quality clicks. 

That means reorganizing his pages and adding new ones to improve his website’s search performance. 

Higher quality traffic led to significant growth in his online lead-generation. Despite fewer visitors, the leads he received through his website increased by 87% compared to the previous year. 

Going into our second year of working together, he has clients booked out for months. He can now be pickier about who he wants to work with. And there’s less stress about having an empty calendar going into the busy season. 

Fewer Clicks, 87% More Leads

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